Protection Value-addition Strength
The organization works to enhance quality of life for Veterans, their families and communities by providing access to affordable housing, enhancing incomes through high-yielding, sustainable investments and building social communities for a richer and healthful life.

The investments we make and neighborhoods we live in define the quality of our life. VDFG uses this as its touchstone and seeks to provide stellar opportunities in both to its members and clients.The organization approaches the task of building elegant communities through astute economic appraisals of projects, efficient execution and adequate provision of community enrichment infrastructure.

VDFG implements its vision by extending detailed services in the following areas:

Providing high quality, affordable housing in desirable locations in various cities of Northern India identified after diligent research of markets.
Provide high yielding portfolio and asset management advise to veterans and associates.
Offering a variety of smart investment options that help generate wealth through assured returns in customized investments plans under Assured Return Model and Profit Sharing Schemes.
Identifying and providing entrepreneurial support in creation and execution of economically and socially promising projects.
Developing productive and meaningful communication networks with other organizations and institutions to generate wealth through shared trust and vision.
Offering resettlement opportunities to Veterans through entrepreneurial support, investment packages and gainful employment.
Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibilitythrough a variety of organized social and economic initiatives. It is testimony to the indefatigable commitment to this Vision that the Group has today, unfaltering trust and goodwill of scores of individuals and organizations.