VDFG Trust
To fulfill its CSR obligations, ATFL contributes a significant portion of its earnings to VDFG Trust with the single minded aim to undertake welfare activities for veterans and the under- privileged.

It specifically provides assistance to retired personnel through training programmes, employment opportunities, financial assistance, technical assistance and entrepreneurial support.

The Trust undertakes CSR activities in the fields ofeducation, healthcare & community welfare. School fees for poor children are reimbursed & the Trust provides complimentary educational aids like books and uniforms. The Trust regularly organizes various Health Camps in form of Yoga & Pranayam coaching, Medical and Dental checkups as well as Gynaecological, Pediatric, Eyes and Knee treatment camps.

VDFG Trust plans to increase its reach to the needy by providing greater assistance in medical and educational areas. To achieve this noble cause, VDFG Trust seeks membership from those who share its philanthropic vision.

Apart from providing members a platform to collectively and effectively assist the needy, VDFG Trust Membership entitles them to a host of benefits some of which include:

(a) Up-date on activities of Trust and projects being launched by the Group Companies through periodic newsletters.
(b) Preferential allotments and attractive discounts on houses / commercial units.
(c) Assist in Resettlement and processing of ECHS claims/pension issues.
(d) Develop community bonding through periodic get-togethers.
(e) Providing assured and fixed high return investment opportunities in properties being developed by VDFG.

We strongly urge you to join us in this noble venture and help make our communities safer and stronger.

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