Our Story
Delhi was a rapidly growing city in the eighties. With steady influx of populations into the capital, planned and unplanned developments mushroomed everywhere- with and without supporting infrastructure. Need for rejuvenating habitation and differentiated avenues for economic prosperity were limited for the rising middle class.

While doing M.Tech programme at IIT Delhi , Col Rattan Singh Gaba evaluated the compelling needs of armed forces veterans – the constraints they face in re-employment of valuable skills learned in active service and in maintaining similar standards in living. He was motivated to put together a team of defence personnel who shared the vision and with the able guidance and blessings of Lt. Gen J.M. Vohra, Asian Townsville Farms Ltd. was established.

Conceived with the idea of providing secure investment options and high lifestyle choices to veterans and the growing middle class, ATFL presented for the first time, real estate options away from the frenetically growing city. The organisation was a trail- blazer in developing affordable farm-house developments along boundaries of the urban centre that offered promising returns on investment. Project Green Orchards was launched in Palwal district and received an astounding response.

Successful completion of Green Orchards led the company to expand its range of services. Having a home is perhaps the biggest dream for a veteran's family. Along with providing investment options in real estate, the Group decided it was only right to diversify into developing residential colonies. 'Defence Colony' in Pathankot was the second project ATFL undertook. The project remains one of the most successful in its history with clients receiving returns as high as 700%

It was now only a matter of time before the Veteran Defence Forces Group established its presence in other cities of Northern India. Along with providing quality living spaces the organisation has steadily increased its commitment to social causes because it truly believes building social strength in communities is as imperative as building economic strength of individuals through distribution of wealth instead of concentration in few hands. Always delivering on economic and social commitments, it has today several individuals and associates that are willing to testify to its work and offer deeper and continued support.