JVTS Greens, Dwarka , New Delhi

JVTS GREENS, proposed to be launched by VDFG, through its Company Real Force Properties LLP, to be located in Delhi West-L Zone, which will be the centre of industrial and infrastructural development activities in the next 10 – 15 years.This Project is coming under DDA Land Pooling Policy. The main aim of VDFG is to bring innovative ideas and solutions to the real estate business and provide good quality homes at most affordable rates.

Since the first Master Plan of Delhi in 1961, DDA's policy had been to acquire large tracts of land from private owners at a low price, develop it and then sell the residential or commercial properties. But the policy came under attack from land-owners who demanded more compensation after the rate of properties escalated.

The new policy, which has been approved by the Authority, removes the bottleneck of Land acquisition by DDA at Govt fixed prices. The land-owners can now sell their land to any Developer Entity (DE) at the Market rate or a group of land owners can themselves join and act as DE.

DEs will then pool their land and surrender to DDA for infrastructural development. DE would get back 40-60 per cent of land after development of infrastructure by DDA, on which they will construct and sell the residential/ commercial units.

In the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 out of 60,000 hectares – slated for the development, about 40,000 hectares lie in West Delhi.

Policy also envisages housing for EWS as part of the development.

Operationalization of the policy for pooling of land and development by private DEs required formulation of "Regulations for Operationalisation", which DDA has completed and sent for approval to the Ministry of Urban Development.

DDA has set up a separate institutional framework with officials from DDA's planning, engineering, land management, legal and finance and accounts departments.

Highlights of the Policy
  • Land pooling by owners participation as against Land Acquisition by Govt./DDA in Delhi.
  • A Land owner/ group of land owners can come together to become a developer entity and construct group housing projects, subject to LPP regulations.
  • Land chunks pooled by the owners need not be contiguous.
  • The pooled land will be surrendered to DDA and in return DDA will allot one single chunk of Land for construction, while DDA will develop the common infra.
  • DDA would provide such land for construction within 5 kms from the largest chunk of land surrendered.


BSP @ Rs 4480/Sq.ft.
From the Date of Registration 2BHK-M (1000 Sq.ft.) 2BHK-L (1225 Sq.ft.) 3BHK-M (1585 Sq.ft.) 3BHK-L (1900 Sq.ft.) 4BHK-M (2325 Sq.ft.) 4BHK-L (2500 Sq.ft.)
(Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) ( Rs Lacs) ( Rs Lacs)
Booking Amount (10%) 4.48 5.48 7.1 8.51 10.41 11.2
At the time of LTC (20%) 8.96 10.97 14.2 17.02 20.83 22.4
Total Initial Payment 13.44 16.45 21.3 25.53 31.24 33.6


BSP @ Rs 4380/Sq.ft.
From the Date of Registration 2BHK-M (1000 Sq.ft.) 2BHK-L (1225 Sq.ft.) 3BHK-M (1585 Sq.ft.) 3BHK-L (1900 Sq.ft.) 4BHK-M (2325 Sq.ft.) 4BHK-L (2500 Sq.ft.)
(Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) ( Rs Lacs) ( Rs Lacs)
Booking Amount (10%) 4.38 5.36 6.94 8.32 10.18 10.95
Within 3months (5%) 2.19 2.68 3.47 4.16 5.09 5.47
Within 5 months (5%) 2.19 2.68 3.47 4.16 5.09 5.47
Within 7 months (5%) 2.19 2.68 3.47 4.16 5.09 5.47
Total Initial Payment 10.95 13.4 17.35 20.8 25.45 27.36


BSP @ Rs 4080/Sq.ft.
From the Date of Registration 2BHK-M (1000 Sq.ft.) 2BHK-L (1225 Sq.ft.) 3BHK-M (1585 Sq.ft.) 3BHK-L (1900 Sq.ft.) 4BHK-M (2325 Sq.ft.) 4BHK-L (2500 Sq.ft.)
(Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) (Rs Lacs) ( Rs Lacs) ( Rs Lacs)
Booking Amount (10%) 4.08 5 6.5 7.8 9.5 10.2
Within 30 days (10%) 4.08 5 6.5 7.8 9.5 10.2
Within 60 days (5%) 2.04 2.5 3.2 3.8 4.7 5.1
Total Initial Payment 10.2 12.5 16.2 19.4 23.7 25.5
1. When did the DDA Land pooling scheme start?
DDA took decision to start development of residential units in Delhi under Private- Public – Partnership on 5th Sep 2013. DDA issued draft operational regulations for the scheme on 29 Jan 14. Final regulations were approved by the Lt Governor on 7th Nov, 2014 and Ministry of Urban Development has now notified the operationlisation of the scheme on 26th May, 2015.

2. Why did VDFG select Zone L and not any other Zone?
Maximum development is expected to happen in West Delhi as per MPD-2021, most of the land being converted to Multi use under Land Pooling scheme is in Zone L, which is in close vicinity of Dwarka, Gurgaon and is also going to be very well connected with new expressways. This means better development, better Infrastructure and a higher appreciation for your investment.

3. Has VDFG already started this Project?
VDFG will start this project as soon as DDA issues implementation Process. Seeing the opportunity for its patrons, VDFG has taken initiative to purchase the land and prepare itself to be a development Entity and to develop a Group Housing Project in L Zone (Dwarka- Najafgarh region), as soon as DDA issues implementation notification.

4. What all is being offered under this Project?
We are offering 2/3/4 BHK residential apartments, small (32-40 Sq Mtrs) EWS apartments and also commercial space, in addition to Public and Semi Public utilities as per the DDA Land pooling Policy and MPD-2021.

5. What is the payment plan.
Payment Plan is Construction Linked Plan but some Initial Amount is to be paid towards the the Land cost.

6. When will land cost be demanded?
Initial payments mainly pertain to Land cost and costs associated thereon. While Initial payments are being taken in the first 7 months, another installment will be taken 10-12 months from the date of registration, when land is being handed over to DDA.

7. Do we get any discount on down payments as given by other developers?
YES. You can pay Initial amount in one lumpsum in place of 4 installments. Discounts are listed in the Registration form itself. If you would like to pay the entire amount for an apartment upfront, you will be entitled to discount as per current Company Policies.

8. How much area of flat can vary from what is specified in the Registration Form ?
Sizes of the flats given are tentative. Though we don't expect a variation beyond +-10%, but these shall be decided on the basis of the actual architectural layouts that will be approved by the Authorities.

9. Is Bank loan facility available on this project?
Being DDA scheme under Private – Public – Partnership, Bank loans will be available once the land is returned by DDA to DE. Members will have to pay their Initial payments on their own as mentioned in Registration form. We can assist in arranging upto 50% of the Initial land money at Market rates thru a private finance Co.

10. Can I see the location??
Really not very relevant to see a piece of land, as exact location will only be known after DDA returns back the land to the Developing Entities (DE), which is expected to be within the radius of 5 Kms from the chunk of land DE surrenders to DDA as per the DDA Land Pooling Policy.

11. When will the land be surrendered to DDA?
Land will be surrendered to DDA as soon as DDA announces the implementation process and time window for the same.

12. Who will provide the basic amenities within the complex?
All infrastructure within the complex including internal roads, sewarage, electricity wiring, water pipes, parks, facilities will be developed by Developer.

13. Will there be any neighbourhood shops for meeting daily needs?
Yes. All essential requirements will be met as per the DDA's MPD-2021.

14. What is the assurance that we will get a flat in the scheme?
On Registration and subject to timely payment of installments, your allotment of flat is guaranteed, except for any Govt interventions/ change in policy, which is beyond our control.

15. What if Govt drops the scheme or restricts its size, such that aprtament cannot be alloted. If for any reason apartment is not allotted by the DE, the money deposited will be returned with simple interest at 9 % p.a., except if the Govt changes the DDA land pooling policy under MPD 2021, in which case only principal amount will be returned in full.
16. What if I want to withdraw after paying registration fee?
Rs.11,000/- is a non refundable fee. Out of the payments made beyond Rs. 11,000/-, there would be a deduction of 10% on the amount paid or 10% of the Total Initial Payment amount payable, whichever is higher, and refund will be given within 6 months from the date of such a request.

17. What if I want to withdraw after having paid Initial payments?
If you withdraw the membership and seek refund after Registration, there would be a dedcution of 10% on the amount paid and refund will be given within 6 months from the date of such a request.

18. How many storeys will be built?
It depends on the FAR allowed by DDA, open spaces and also density permitted. We expect buildings will be 15-20 storeys with 60 % + open spaces. But these may vary based on final approvals for plans of DDA.

19. By what time will you inform about EDC/IDC charges?
DDA is expected to finalise their charges before they hand over the land back to DE for construction. As soon as they announce, we will inform all concerned.
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