Dhauladhar View DHARAMSALA
Dhauladhar view dharamshala is a renowned and popular hill station in the Himalayas. The town is connected by all-weather road and rail service. It is the capital of exiled Tibetan government and seat of the revered His Holiness Dalai Lama. Developed as a premier residential colony, Dhauladhar View is located on the Dharamsala – Yol road, nestled within the grandeur of Dhauladhar ranges. The project with planned layouts for independent homes was launched in1994 and is now scheduled to enter Phase II in its expansion as Premier League Apartments. Together they provide opportunities for living in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods in the city. There is a limited re-sale opportunity.excellently located with dramatic views of the Dhauladhar range and close proximity to IPL cricket stadium. Development of Premier League Group Housing Complex is likely to commence in 2014