Serve Engage Enhance

Veteran Defence Forces Group acknowledges the contribution of committed employees, inspired customers and an actively engaged community in its success. It recognizes organizational strength derives from strength of people associated with it. To reciprocate the goodwill it receives, VDFG leverages its human, financial and technical resources to support and foster programmes that enrich and improve quality of life leading to stronger, more vibrant societies.

With valuable experience in infrastructure development and long-term involvement with local communities, it is ideally positioned to undertake different levels of philanthropic engagement. The organization provides social services and economic solutions to targeted communities in several ways.
Provide tools, educational resources and training programmes directed towards good investment practices. Appoint veteran personnel as VDFG ambassadors in various districts and towns to serve as effective operational arms of the company to promote egalitarian objectives.
Channelize resources to the community through corporate philanthropy and enable access to health check-up camps, yoga camps/ shivirs, knee caliper treatment and eye camps.
Build partnerships with people and organizations that identify with the socio-political-economic vision of VDFG. Render assistance to veterans to help them in transition to a satisfying and dignified retired life and assist them in resolving pension and ECHS issues.
VDFG also offers membership benefits to individuals and communities that enables them preferential access to development projects and greater opportunities for growth.